HOLM is an Island; HOLM is a Post Ambient Band from Zurich, Switzerland
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18. October 2019 - Bergmal Festival, Dynamoo Zürich
2. November 2019 - TBA

More soon!

28. April 2019 - Villa K, Winterthur
27. April 2019 - Kulturhalle Sägegasse, Burgdorf
25. April 2019 - Südpol, Luzern
3. November 2018 - Flügelsaal Jecklin, Zürich, QUIET LOVE Night / with Jan Wagner

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HOLM - “Through Windows” April 2019
(Quiet Love Records / Salvation Records UK)

“Through Windows” goes back to regular improvisation sessions held in the basement of a bank in the middle of Zurich's financial district. What started informally soon took on clearer form: the amicable and musical spirit of these sessions was captured during a three-day recording session at SomaStudios in Zofingen, Switzerland. The resulting album hovers between post-rock, ambient, and improvised music, but is as personal, raw, and emotional as a diary entry. “Through Windows” witnesses a moment, suddenly an island in the ocean of passing time. 

The term “Holm” describes a small island, close to the mainland or a larger island. “Holm” carries with it connotations of a retreat, of a secluded microcosm – an image that fits perfectly for the band. In HOLM, anything is possible and there are no predetermined goals except to share a musical and emotional journey: through space and time, through memories, through life. HOLM is a place to catch a fleeting glimpse from another perspective – and, perhaps, a glimpse of truth through the window.

HOLM is:
Alessandro Giannelli - Drums
Dimitri Käch - Guitar
James Varghese - Bass

Photo by Svenja Künzler

Photo by Svenja Künzler





Our Album “Through Windows” was kindly supported by
Popkredit Stadt Zürich
Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zürich